Preparing historically marginalized youth to create social change in their local communities

California Youth Leadership Corps (CYLC) programs are expanding our presence and reach across California

California Youth Leadership Corps (CYLC), a unique statewide initiative of the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency, CLP, selected community colleges, social justice organizations and private philanthropy, was created as a response to the global pandemic and the economic crisis. 

CYLC prepares historically marginalized youth to become community organizers and change agents in their local communities. CYLC is collaborating with its state and local partners to scale up community change learn-and-earn career pathways across California. CYLC has launched community change career pathways in the cities of Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Fresno, and Cupertino/San Jose.

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CYLC programs currently operate at De Anza College, Riverside City College, Fresno City College, East Los Angeles College, and Los Angeles Trade Tech College. CYLC is designed to serve community college students with low incomes, students of color, and immigrant youth primarily between the ages of 18-24. This includes Opportunity Youth – youth who face barriers to education and employment due to poverty/lack of opportunity, immigration status/DACA, and other issues. DACA recipients are eligible to participate.

Interested in enrolling in a CYLC program? Click on the landing page below for a program near you and submit an interest form. For questions, please contact CYLC Executive Director Rosa M. García at

CYLC Programs

CYLC programs are transforming the lives of historically marginalized youth and young adults. We are increasing our presence, reach, and impact across California:

CYLC Career Pathways in Immigration

Preparing historically marginalized students to provide critical services to underserved immigrant communities.

CYLC is working with its nonprofit partners to create two new community change career pathways in the area of immigration: one in community-based immigration legal services and another in language justice. These career pathways will expand the number of well-trained paralegals, legal assistants, language interpreters, and nonprofit leaders in historically marginalized immigrant communities.

California Youth Leadership Corps Benefits

The CYLC model offers historically marginalized students unique educational and work-based learning opportunities that allow them to enter communities, change careers and thrive.

CYLC community change learn-and-earn career pathway programs are preparing youth with low incomes – including youth of color, opportunity youth, and immigrant youth – for community change careers. CYLC participants benefit from:

The CYLC model offers historically marginalized students unique educational and work-based learning opportunities that allow them to enter communities, change careers and thrive.

Gaining experience in a fellowship where they can be awarded up to $10,000 doing work that benefits their communities at nonprofit and social justice organizations who organize in communities with low incomes, communities of color, and provide critical services to immigrant communities.
Engaging in leadership development and mentoring activities
Learning community organizing skills
Receiving critical supports, including academic, social- emotional, and career advising supports to succeed

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The Broad Foundation
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The California Labor and Workforce Development Agency
The California Workforce Development Board
The Conrad Hilton Foundation
The Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund
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