Impact Spotlight

Learn more about the Impact our CYLC programs have on students!

Impact Spotlight Series

CYLC’s new Impact Spotlight Series highlights evaluation findings on the impact of CYLC programs for historically marginalized students,  community-based partners, and local communities. Check here for regular monthly “Spotlights” presenting data around key outcomes for our programs. 

 Impact Spotlight Series Volume 1 – May 2024

Enhancing Civic Engagement
CYLC contributes to students’ identities as a change agent and their beliefs in their own capabilities to change the things they see that are unjust in their communities. Our First Impact Spotlight presents data from student surveys on how CYLC is increasing young people’s capacity to be civically engaged in their communities. 

Impact Spotlight Series Volume 2 – May 2024

Enhancing Educational Development
CYLC is preparing students from historically-marginalized communities to successfully pursue academic degrees.

 Impact Spotlight Series Volume 3 – May 2024

Pathways to Community Change Careers
Through their participation in CYLC, students learn that they can have careers in community change, working to address the issues affecting their communities. CYLC students come into the program knowing that they want to serve a purpose and make a positive impact on their community but are not sure how. 

 Impact Spotlight Series Volume 4 – June 2024

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