CYLC Partners with Oxnard College

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE,       May 01, 2024

Media Contact:
Andy Briseño
Communications Associate, Community Learning Partnership (CLP) 

Oakland, Ca., California Youth Leadership Corps (CYLC) has partnered with Oxnard College to create a new community change learn-and-earn career pathway in Community Leadership. This community change learn-and-earn career pathway program will prepare students to become community organizers and leaders in their local communities while gaining skills in community organizing, advocacy, leadership and development. Participants will have opportunities to gain hands-on experience at nonprofits and social justice organizations where they will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to lead and organize for change in their local communities.CYLC students will be receive up to $10,000 and awarded a $5,000 scholarship for their educational expenses while they are enrolled in the CYLC program.

“California Youth Leadership Corps (CYLC) is thrilled to be partnering with Oxnard College on this transformative community change career pathway. Through this partnership, CLP-CYLC and Oxnard College will work to equip participants with the community organizing and advocacy skills needed to create social change and become leaders in their local communities. This partnership will provide student fellows with the academic credentials, work-based learning experiences, economic security, and the supports they need to succeed in college and beyond.”

Rosa M. García, Ed.D., Executive Director of CLP & CYLC

Professor Evan Hess, who leads the program, shares the importance of this program to students, stating “Oxnard College is proud to partner with the California Youth Leadership Corps in this groundbreaking initiative. Our students, many of whom have faced challenges related to immigration, tenant rights, and food and housing insecurity, are deeply committed to social, economic, and environmental justice. This program will empower them with the skills, experience, and financial support they need to effect meaningful change in their communities. We are deeply grateful to the CYLC for their generous funding and to our local nonprofit partners for providing invaluable hands-on experience and community-building opportunities. Together, we are shaping the community leaders of tomorrow.”

Evan Hess, Associate Professor, Law/Co-Chair, Law, Community, and Education Department Oxnard College



Community Learning Partnership (CLP) is a national non-profit organization committed to building a workforce of credentialed, knowledgeable, and skilled leaders to organize for community change in their local communities. California Youth Leadership Corps (CYLC) was established under CLP to empower  historically marginalized youth and ensure that they are civically engaged. CLP/CYLC community change career pathways offer certificates and degrees in community leadership, development and organizing along with community work experience.