Denise Fairchild, Receives Climate Award

The core of Denise’s transformative work is focused on “energy democracy— movement seeking to understand and unravel the multidimensional root causes of climate change. Having co-edited an acclaimed book on the issue, she wants to disrupt the foundation of America’s fossil-fuel dependent economy by prompting large and enduring cultural shifts in energy consumption norms. This vision represents something novel in American climate efforts.

One of her potential approaches is targeting scope 3 emissions, which typically represent the majority of a company’s gas releases but are ignored by many carbon reduction policies. Denise plans to use her relationships within the energy democracy and frontline communities, as well as government, environmental, and business communities to be a driving force in making cultural shifts as a cornerstone to carbon reduction. Denise will involve in her strategies the leadership and expertise of people of color and youth. The central impetus of her breakthrough strategy is clear and urgent—an investment in intersectional climate action at an immense scale.”