‘Preparing to Win’

The book, 'Preparing to Win: Developing Community Leaders, Organizers and Allies,' by CLP founder Andy Mott, shares best practices for forming academic programs and internships to bolster the pool of community change leaders in low-income and working class communities and communities of color.

Organized around 23 chapters, 'Preparing to Win' touches on specific aspects of learnings and resources developed while growing the CLP network — which now includes affiliates inSan Jose, Los Angeles, Minneapolis / St. Paul, Mississippi, New York, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, and Southeast Michigan. Specific chapters explore- best practices for recruiting students to Community Change Studies programs; ways to connect students to community change jobs; and practical field experience to  deepen key competencies required for those careers, among many other topics.

The book is available immediately on the CLP website for free, using the form below, as well as on Kindle or paperback on Amazon.

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