Our mission is to establish a national network of Community Change Studies programs through authentic partnerships between community organizations and institutions of higher education.

We develop and institutionalize courses of study leading to certificate and degree programs in community organizing, community development, and community change, and we affiliate with programs and organizations that share our goals and values.

Through the development of local educational programs, a national network, affiliations and systems of replication and support, we build and transmit knowledge, skills and best practices in order to achieve the following:

Improve the social and economic circumstances of marginalized and/or distressed communities.

Provide opportunities for grassroots leaders, youth, young adults and mid-career professionals with constructive and rewarding community change career options.

Prepare community residents to engage in the theory and practice of democracy.

Renew the practice of fostering participatory democracy in institutions of higher learning.

Our goal is to develop a diverse, skilled workforce to address complex issues of injustice and inequality, and improve the quality of life in under-resourced communities.

We plan to establish 30 Community Change Studies programs by 2020, and prepare 3,000 change agents from low-income and/or communities of color for careers that enable them to promote community change.

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