ROC-United Calls for Strike on May 1st

From our partner group, ROC-United:

Last month, 160 restaurant worker leaders of ROC gathered in Washington, DC and voted unanimously to join the millions going on general strike on May 1. 

We call for a restaurant industry general strike.

We call for higher wages and benefits in the restaurant industry.

Join us now at

On May 1, 2017, hundreds of thousands of restaurant workers, restaurateurs, and their allies will go on strike, close their businesses, or take the day off to call for better wages and work conditions in the restaurant industry. We will also protest the discriminatory, anti-worker policies and rhetoric of the Trump Administration and the restaurant industry. Join the call today at United is proud to co-lead these efforts, and we hope you’ll join us. 

Sign up today to register your participation in May 1 events at

We ask you to also donate to the Worker Direct Action Fund, designed to assist affected workers

America’s 12 million restaurant workers need an Administration committed to raising wages. On the contrary, The Trump Administration wants to exploit us. Trump’s policies and nominees for Secretary of Labor promote wage-cutting views that are in line with those of the National Restaurant Association (NRA). What’s more, the Administration’s rhetoric and policies are steeped in sexism and xenophobia. 

This is unacceptable. 

We deserve an America where all of us have a seat at the table


Go to the ROC May 1st Action Center, a clearinghouse for all the ways you can get involved in this historic day of action. The May 1 Strike attests to a growing tide of resistance. At ROC United, we call for a strike for the following reasons:

—For our co-workers who cannot afford to miss a shift because the restaurant industry is the lowest paid profession in America . . . we strike!

—For our co-workers who suffer sexual harassment because the restaurant industry has the highest rate of sexual harassment and workplace violence . . . we strike! 

—For our co-workers who have to balance their checkbooks on the whims (tips) of customers . . . we strike! 

—For our co-workers who are harassed or feel unsafe for being an immigrant, or a person of color, or a member of the LGBTQ communities, or for being Muslim . . . we strike!

—For all restaurant workers, who continuously endure the legacy of slavery by working for the tipped minimum wage, instead of receiving #1fairwage with tips on top of that. . . we strike! 

There are many ways to participate. Join the rising tide of working people who believe in fair wages and stand for better work conditions. Take the day off, go on strike, or support restaurant that matches your values. We urge you to donate to our Worker Direct Action Fund AND to register your participation today at


Saru and Mamdouh and the ROC Team

P.S. Join our Saturday, April 15 for the Tax March. In the meantime, please donate today to the ROC United Worker Direct Action Fund to assist workers who will participate on May 1.

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