Become an Affiliate

By joining the CLP Network of Community Change studies programs, affiliated programs will have access to the following benefits:

Opportunities for Peer Learning: Work with and learn from other affiliate members to strengthen programs and building capacity through sharing ideas and resources related to curriculum, pedagogy, community partnerships, internships, recruitment and retention of students, and pathways to particular careers). This includes invitations to:

Individualized Technical Assistance: Affiliates benefit from at least two site visits per year, regular phone and web-based consultation, online workshops on issues of relevance to our programs, and support with program documentation and evaluation.

Support with Workforce Development: Help connect students to jobs in community change careers through tailored job market analysis, access to databases of social change-focused jobs, and individualized consultation to build out local career pathways

Opportunities for Program Visibility: Affiliates are regularly featured on the CLP website, newsletter, and social media.

CLP Student—Alumni Network: Provide students with access to our growing network of students and alumni for opportunities to engage and network with larger community of like-minded students.  

For an example of the types of resources available to CLP affiliates, read our innovative report, Profile of a Community Organizer. The profile is the result of extensive interviews with nearly 100 community organizers and experts to help identify the specific tasks, skills and knowledge needed by change agents and how and when organizers apply these.  

For more information on the benefits and requirements of our programs, contact Ken Rolling, CLP Executive Director, at