New Report On Student Homelessness Echoes CLP Findings

A report released this month by the Wisconsin HOPE Lab found that food and housing insecurity among community college students threatens their health, well-being, and academic achievements.

The study, called “Hungry and Homeless in College,” echoes a similar survey conducted by CLP that found that 15% of students enrolled in CLP coursework across 5 cities are homeless or formerly homeless.

The Wisconsin HOPE Lab study, which surveyed more than 33,000 students, found some of the following disturbing trends:

  • 13-14% of respondents are currently homeless;
  • About half of community college students are housing insecure;
  • Community college students who are former foster youth are more likely to be housing insecure.

As Andy Mott, CLP’s Senior Advisor and founder, said in a recent article, “Early Action on the Student Housing Crisis,” the extent of the homelessness problem among community college students demonstrates the need for major changes in public policy. While the recent campaign to make community college free in states across the country will help address some of the economic challenges faced by students, more must also be done: There must also be major government initiatives to help students meet their housing and other living costs. Read Andy’s full article here.

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