What is The Networker?

This is the Resource Center of the Community Learning Partnership (CLP). It holds our course syllabi, readings and materials for teaching and learning about how to work for social change.

Our Community Change Studies programs are primarily based in community colleges, in partnership with local nonprofit and civic organizations. We engage students from diverse backgrounds — in particular, low-income communities of color. We emphasize critical perspectives, self-awareness and hands-on learning experiences, as well as the shared terminology and skill sets students need to become organizers, community and economic developers, and advocates — to be agents of positive, social change and civic engagement throughout their lives.

We regularly update The Networker, and hope you will contribute your own materials!

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What is the Community Learning Partnership (CLP)?

CLP is a national, locally-driven network of community colleges, nonprofits, civic organizations and other institutions. We develop educational pathways into community change careers.

To learn more about our program sites and the people in our network visit communitylearningpartnership.org.