Planning a Community Organizing 101 Class: A document that outlines basic questions instructions should ask themselves as they begin planning a community organizing 101 class.

Community Organizing 101–Instructor’s Syllabus Guide: This syllabus guide was prepared for CLP by Danny HoSang, Associate Professor and Ethnic Studies Department Head at the University of Oregon. This guide serves as a resource for instructors preparing to teach some version of an introductory course designed to familiarize students with the basic ideas, practices, history and theory of community organizing in the United States.

Community and Political Organizing: This course, taught by professor Kevin Ryan at CUNY, introduces students to the theory and practice of effective community organizing. Students examine methods and techniques of organizing, including developing leadership, membership building, and campaign development; and consider how community members engage in organizing and in the broader social justice movement.

Intercultural Studies and Philosophy 17: This course, taught by Cynthia Kaufman at DeAnza College, explores issues related to social change and the development of ways of thinking that promote social change. Students read classical and contemporary authors on movements for social change, strategies for organizing, and the development of consciousness

Direct Action Community Organizing Training Sessions and Exercises Guide: This training guide was developed by Michael Jacoby Brown, an experienced organizer trained in the classic Alinsky tradition. It was designed to aid trainers and teachers in preparing and leading training sessions on community organizing.