CLP Students and Faculty at Macomb Community College Featured in Tech Center News

A recent article in Tech Center News explores the CLP affiliated program at Macomb Community College (MCC), focusing on the program’s mission to prepare graduates to identify and address challenges in their communities.

Sean Patrick, manager of Media Relations at MCC, said of the program, “The CLP is an opportunity for students to develop a variety of leadership, organizational and conflict resolution skills through courses in sociology, psychology and business management.”

The article also explores the experience of an alumnus of the program, Christina Young of New Baltimore, who is a single mom of two children. Christina said of her time working with the CLP-affiliated coursework at MCC, “I wanted to be able to be out in the community, to be a leader and to be able to help others who can’t help themselves.”

Rochelle Zaranek, CLP coordinator at MCC, describes the practicum component of the CLP certificate, saying in part, “the students are learning not just through course work and guest speakers, but learning how they can be a change agent through actual hands-on experience.”

The article also points out that, of the first five Macomb students to receive the CLP certificate, all exceeded the required 45-hours students must contribute towards their practicum. Each of the students is also now pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

Asked where Christina hopes to focus her new skills, she responded, “I’m still looking at how I can best benefit the community, but promoting resources in suicide awareness and assisting the developmentally disabled population is definitely where I want to be.”

Access a pdf of the article here.