Andy Mott

Andy-MottBoard of Directors Treasurer and Senior Advisor. Andy Mott is the founder and former Executive Director of the Community Learning Partnership.   Before founding CLP, Andy served as Executive Director of the Center for Community Change, a national nonprofit which helps grassroots groups build the power and capacity to change their communities and public policies for the better.  He also chaired several national coalitions including the National Low Income Housing Coalition and the Coalition on Human Needs.  At CLP, he served as convenor of the International Working Group on University Education for Community Change which brought together people involved in various parts of the world in creating undergraduate and graduate programs to prepare people to work on the front lines of community and social change.  Mott graduated from Harvard College and the University of Michigan Law School, and served as Assistant Professor of National Development at Pahlavi University in Iran.  andymott@communitylearningpartnership.